More Than Just Adornment

Welcome to our “Artists Quarter” Jewelry Collection. Each piece is meticulously crafted to capture the essence and kaleidoscope of colors and vibrant creativity, where gemstones and metals become the canvas for your unique tale. Embark on a journey through our jewelry, where every design echoes the cobblestone streets, the swirling colors, and the unbridled passion that define the heart of the Artists Quarter. A homage to the enchanting spirit of Valais, Switzerland, the city of starlight.

  • Size 7 14k Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver – Pre Order Open – Expected Shipping to begin May 1st.

    Size 8 14k Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver – Pre Order Open – Expected Shipping to begin June 1st – June 7th

    Embrace the ethereal elegance of the “Night Court” Ring, where the enchanting City of Starlight meets the captivating allure of Rhysand’s gaze. The Kaleidoscope blue/black aventurine, reminiscent of Velaris’ mystical night skies, takes center stage, flanked by majestic trillion-cut purple amethysts that mirror the depth and charm of Rhysand’s eyes. With every glance, this ring encapsulates the magic, mystery, and romance inspired by the book series “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas.


  • Crescent Enchantment is an alluring ring set in 14k Yellow Gold plated .925 Sterling, featuring a captivating pear shaped London Blue Topaz at it’s heart, encircled by glistening White Moissanite. The ring imbues the design with a celestial aura and twin Crescent moons gracefully flank the center stone. The delicate curves evoking the mystique of the night sky, while the Moissanites adorning the top culminate in a crown-like arrangement, bestowing an ethereal touch to this celestial masterpiece


  • Step into a realm of enchanting romance with the “Ethereal Whispers” Ring, a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of fantasy love stories. The center oval amethyst, a symbol of clarity and passion, while the delicate embrace of white sapphire along the band invokes the shimmering magic of starlit nights. Crafted in 14k gold plated sterling silver, this ring invites you where each facet tells a tale of timeless love and otherworldly allure.


  • Capture the bond of sisterhood with the “Sisters Serenity” Ring. Featuring a brilliant 0.5 carat moissanite center stone in a 18k White Gold plated .925 Sterling band. The intertwining strands of Light Sea Blue, Dark Purple and Dark Champagne simulated diamonds celebrate the unique essence of each Archeron sister from the book series “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by Sarah J. Maas. Embodying their individual strengths as they come together in an exquisite display of unity and love.


  • This ring, while dainty and feminine, is reminiscent of the twilight sky capturing evening hues. Flanked by three round cut white sapphires, artfully arranged to resemble trillions. This ring evokes the magic of twilight’s celestial beauty, adorning your hand with a timeless and captivating sparkle.